The FS model of the wrapping machines from the series Ecomat Easy, Ecomat Plus, Rolle 8 and Rolle 9 offers a turning table with a special construction, which allows to deliver the pallets to the machine only with a manual pallet jack. This makes not necessary the use of access ramp and the related risk for unstable pallets from falling as well the investment in electrical or motorized pallet trucks. The patented rotating disk allows easy to change the direction of the access of the pallets.

Advantages for the client:

  • Savings of finances. No need to invest for electrical or motorized pallet trucks.
  • The machine is more compact because the access ramp as in the standard Ecomat models is not needed anymore.
  • Safety in operation.
  • The entrance of the turntable is protected by a photocell.
Turntable diameter 1650 mm
Capacity up to 25 pallets/hour
Maximum wrapping height 2400 mm
Minimum wrapping height 50 mm
Maximum pallet dimensions 1000×1200 mm
Maximum pallet weight 1 200 kg
Voltage 230/50 Hz
Required area 4.092 m²


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