Robust construction

The steel frame of Cobra X – based on the proven Cobra G construction – makes the Cobra X machine very robust. The main frame is supported by three legs, which are fixed on the floor by anchor bolts. The robust construction offers many unique benefits. For instance, it enables a maximum pallet heigth to be up to 2450 mm. The machine construction also allows heavier film rolls, even so called industrial film rolls to be used with the Cobra X wrapping machine. Additionally the Cobra X construction enables increased tension force to be used during the wrapping cycle giving more stability for the pallet load to be wrapped.

Superior Functionality

Four (4) individual wrapping programs can be used by the control panel, controlling all machine functions for simple operation of the machine. The programs include additional features which can be adjusted to meet the demands of the most challenging applications.

Unmatched Flexibility

Thanks to the rotating arm technology, the pallet load does not move during the stretch wrapping process. Therefore the Cobra X is ideal for instance for logistic centers where the pallet loads vary a lot from light to heavy, even to unstable loads.

cobra-x cobra-x cobra-x
The wrapping arm consists of a horizontal  arm and a vertical profile. The arm is driven by a motor and a belt drive. The film carriage feeds the film to the product to be wrapped by a vertical movement. Safety has been one of the key issues when designing the Cobra X machine. The safety system consists of a reflector and photocell, which are connected to a safety relay. The Emergency stop is also a part of the Cobra X safety system.
Rotation Speed Up to 12 rpm
Capacity Up to 35 pallets / h
Weight 310 kg
Voltage 230 V – 1 phase – 50 Hz
Control PLC
Film Width 500 mm
Max. film dia. 260 mm
Mounting Floor Stand
Overall Height 3088 mm
Max. Pallet Height 2450 mm
Maximum Pallet Diagonal 1940 mm


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