Why wrapping with our machines?

HALOILA Bulgaria provides innovative solutions for pallet wrapping. The advantages of the products and the services we offer are related to:

  • Better packaging quality
  • Consistency in packaging quality regardless of the skills and experience of the operators
  • More stable pallets and lower number of claims
  • Steady following the consumption for achieving low film cost per pallet
  • Increased productivity compared to hand wrapping
  • Machines are easy to operate by non-specialists
  • Making advantage of the integrated packing solution: machines, consumables and service from one source
  • Better working conditions for the packaging workers
  • Professional advice and maintenance throughout the whole life cycle of the machine

How to choose the suitable machine?

Before making your choice for a wrapping solution it’s necessary to determine first what’s exactly your need.

Your highest priority should be to ensure stability and reliable protection for the goods on the pallet. Therefore based on your requirements for stability you will make the main choice: “Shall I use stretch film for this purpose?” and “hand or machine wrapping?”.

In case you choose the machine wrapping it’s necessary to define the following main parameters:

  • Production capacity in terms of pallets per hour
  • Foresee a reserve in capacity that will ensure your future plans for development
  • Based on the production capacity make your choice between full- or semi-automatic equipment.
    Important! While making the choice for machine based on capacity always take into account the “idle time”, i.e. the time for transporting the pallet from and to the machine, fixing the film to the pallet before start, cutting the film after the wrapping cycle etc.
  • Determine the maximum pallet size (width/length/height). Select the machine type respecting the ability to wrap the pallets with the determined dimensions.
  • Check what functions and programs are available on the selected machine model in order to achieve the desired result
  • Select the place where you plan to install the machine and check how it will be integrated in the lay-out of your production/storage room and does it fit well in the internal product flow.
  • Select the type of film in accordance to the selected machine model, for example in case there will be power pre-stretch mechanism you should select also high efficient film.

In case you want to skip the above actions, just fill the inquiry form and send it to us. We’ll be glad to assist you in order to find together the optimal solution for your business.

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